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(Reuters Health) - The proportion of people reporting use of prescription opioids for reasons other than medical necessity fell between 2003 and 2013, but use disorders and overdose deaths increased, according to a new study.... (Reuters Health) - Young mothers may be more likely to have unprotected sex in encounters with the fathers of their children, increasing their risk of repeat pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, a U.S. study suggests.... (Reuters Health) - Cancer survivors may be less likely to follow a healthy diet than other people, particularly where leafy greens and whole grains are concerned, a U.S. study suggests.... (Reuters) - Drug developer Zosano Pharma Corp said a mid-stage study testing its experimental patch to treat low blood sugar met the main goal.... CHICAGO (Reuters) - As U.S. health insurers chart an unprecedented consolidation of the industry, hospitals are taking a fresh look at becoming insurers themselves to keep more of their patients' healthcare dollars in house.... WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand police said on Tuesday they had arrested a 60-year-old businessman suspected of threatening to contaminate infant formula in New Zealand, the world's largest dairy exporter, and charged the man with two counts of criminal blackmail.... (Reuters) - The odds that Merck & Co's high-stakes cholesterol drug will succeed have dropped dramatically after Eli Lilly and Co said its similar medicine failed to reduce heart attacks and strokes, top U.S. heart doctors said.... (Reuters Health) - A glass of red wine at dinner is safe and possibly beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes, a new trial suggests.... (Reuters Health) – A new report says doctors and consumers both tend to overlook one of the most common and devastating problems of aging – the decline in patients’ ability to manage their own financial affairs.... (Reuters Health) – Retail health clinics found inside pharmacies and other stores should be used as backups to people’s regular doctors, says a large group of U.S. physicians.... (Reuters) - Collegium Pharmaceutical Inc said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it would not be able to complete its review of the company's opioid painkiller by Monday.... GENEVA/LONDON (Reuters) - Laos has suffered a case of vaccine-derived polio, the World Health Organization said on Monday, in a new setback to a global plan to eradicate the crippling disease after the virus resurfaced in Ukraine and Mali.... (Reuters Health) – Children who receive cancer treatments may suffer thinking problems later, but using an at-home computer training program can help reduce these deficits, according to a new study.... (Reuters Health) - Florescent lotion and black light revealed that health care workers often contaminate their skin and clothing while removing their protective gear, researchers say.... CHICAGO (Reuters) - As U.S. health insurers chart an unprecedented consolidation of the industry, hospitals are taking a fresh look at becoming insurers themselves to keep more of their patients' healthcare dollars in house.... (Reuters) - A novel dissolving heart stent developed by Abbott Laboratories proved comparably safe and effective as its market-leading Xience stent in a large, late-stage trial that will be used to seek U.S. approval of the device, according to data presented at a medical meeting on Monday.... LONDON (Reuters) - U.S. prices for the world's 20 top-selling medicines are, on average, three times higher than in Britain, according to an analysis carried out for Reuters.... (Reuters) - Eli Lilly and Co has stopped a late-stage trial of its closely watched cholesterol treatment after it proved ineffective, sending its stock down more than 9 percent and casting greater skepticism over the potentially lucrative class of medicines.... (Reuters Health) - A spate of recent insider trading cases involving physicians suggests that tighter rules may be needed to limit interactions between medical researchers and the companies and investors seeking to profit from their data, some doctors argue in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.... TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Merck KGaA is betting on its oncology pipeline to revitalize the German drugmaker as it sees falling sales from its best-selling medicine, multiple sclerosis treatment Rebif....